Wow. I didn’t know WordPress was this cool.

I can’t imagine how taxi fares can be so ridiculously expensive. Can’t they pity a poor girl like me who can’t drive in a foreign  country? Boohoo. No one cares when it comes to earning a lucrative business.

Fortunately, I managed to get a hold of a cab driver who is willing to drive me to the company and back (a full 3-hour ride) for a reasonable fee. He is willing to wait until I am done with the medical test. How nice. Today curiosity hit the cat. I wondered if I was just getting lucky or are the prices actually the same everywhere? I decided to pick up the phone and call a cab company to ask for a quote on a return trip from Edmonton to Red Deer; accounting for the fact that the driver has to wait about 45 minutes until I complete my medical test. The lady who was answering my call didn’t exactly know how it was going to be priced, and so she passed the phone to another lady. She seemed like the manager. When I heard the quote, the five-dollar bill that was sitting at the corner of my desk started to melt before my eyes. Not literally, hehe. But really, this was what she quoted:

Edmonton to Red Deer – $208

45 or an hour wait – approximately $27 (running on meter)

Red Deer to Edmonton – $104 (until city limits only), meter runs back on after that.

Phew… I thanked the lady for her time and told her that I will call back again to confirm. Boy, that’s nearly $350 for a taxi ride out of town. It was a waste of time to call another cab company for a quote. I decided to go with Kamal, the nice taxi driver who is charging $225 for the return trip (inclusive of the 45-minute wait time). He’s getting a large tip from me for sure 😉

In the end, it doesn’t really matter because it is at the company’s expense. Haha.


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