Corinne Railey Bae


Corrine Railey Bae’s songs are on the top of my head now. Sensual and calm. She sings with a little jazz hint and the background music just seeps into your mind, bringing you into dream world. I feel like I am on a road trip to nowhere, being sun-kissed and blown away by the wind. Some of the songs are really sexy that might just trick your mind a little; how about a hot, passionate sex on the carpet floor, and the candles flickering low as you slowly move with the rhythm?

Oh, talk about being silly. No, seriously. Her songs are nice. I love songs like this. I don’t mind investing in a nice hi-fi stereo system and drown myself in her music.


4 thoughts on “Corinne Railey Bae

  1. hi! got lost here in your back entry searching for corinne’s music. i love hers, too. esp. put your records on and more. here’s to more of music like corinne’s : cheers!

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